Wine Bottle Candle Merlot Scent


Regular price $16.99

These are very unique wine bottle candles. Unlike all the others for sale, the top is cut an angle to give the flame a nice back glow. The scent is incredible. It fills a large room even when unlit. The candle is very well priced and is a great buy.

You don't have to be a drinker to enjoy the bouquet of a good wine. You can drink in our Wine Bottle Candle featuring the scent of Merlot without taking a sip. The charming green glass container looks like the bottom of a wine bottle, enhancing the grapey theme. The Merlot scent starts with rich notes of black currant being infused with rose and cherry blossom, then layered with earthy notes of patchouli, cedarwood, and vanilla. Drink it all without having to worry about securing a designated driver!

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